Why is Social Media an Important Part of Inbound Marketing?

Why is Social Media an Important Part of Inbound Marketing?

The valuable content that digital marketing thrives on in today’s world has evolved to include social media marketing more than ever before. A marketing strategy that ties in a solid social media presence is one of the best ways to improve brand awareness. Social media and inbound traffic from social media platforms can be a major source of revenue for your business.

Search engines have changed how links through social media help websites rank. There is no doubt that social media posts matter for marketing efforts. The more active social media a business has, the higher the chance of customer conversion.

The thing about the modern context of digital marketing is that target audiences aren’t just searching anymore. People are now using social media to find solutions and answers to their questions. Capturing this new trend and making it work for your website will give you the advantage you need in your market.

The connection between search engine results, social media, and new customers is undeniable. Good digital marketing firms like PMI know how these relationships function and can give you the advice and tools you need to profit from them. We’ll give your our top 4 reasons why social media is so important to inbound marketing.

1.) SEO

Two types of SEO fuel the growth of a website and keep it relevant, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Social media and inbound marketing are part of off-page SEO work. This work seeks to increase something known as domain authority for your website. Having major platforms linking to your content builds trust and indirectly increases your domain authority and rank on search engines.

Increasing your organic search traffic with social media is an unbeatable strategy right now. Content marketing works best where people spend their time online, and right now, they spend more time than ever on social media.

2.) Audience targeting

One of the best things about social media is the ability to target specific demographics and audiences with much more precision. SEO and marketing on social media work a lot differently than search engine and website-based marketing. There are tools available on social media that allow marketers the ability to generate profitable inbound traffic.

3.) Branding

Social media is one of the best ways to promote content, but more than just content ideas is your brand. Using social media to bolster any brand can be the difference between success and failure. The large audiences that social media provides are exactly the conditions you need to build a brand without using the old methods of millions of dollars in advertising budgets.

There is no better form of inbound marketing than brand awareness and recognition. In today’s online world, brand recognition starts and ends with social media. Having an all-encompassing approach to getting your brand out there will be critical to the success of that brand.

4.) Opportunity

The broad reach of social media is an advantage all to itself. Some opportunities are simply not available without using social media to market a website. The best examples of these types of opportunities are hashtags and trending content.

Taking advantage of current high-ranking hashtags in the moment through social media give small boosts in visibility, tapping new markets. Creating content with a spin relevant to current trending topics on social media is another way to get involved and get your company’s face out there.

These four reasons are only just an overview of what you can gain by utilizing social media to help power your business. Having a web developer like Power Marketing International on your side can give you the edge in that arena and let you focus on other aspects of building your business. We can help you provide custom-designed content and ads for all social media platforms that keep in theme with the rest of your online profile. It is important that your web developer knows the value of social media marketing and how it can help grow your business. Flexibility in this area will set you apart from the competition and give more people the opportunity to engage with your business.

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