WordPress powers tens of millions of websites around the world and is a gold standard in hosting and design services.

Wordpress WebsitesWordPress is an outstanding web development platform that affords an incredible amount of customization and digital solutions.

If you are looking for high quality and customized WordPress design, look no further than Power Marketing International. Our team has years of extensive experience on the WordPress platform, and you can be sure that your business and brand are in the right hands. We aim to help people realize the potential of their web presence overall. The WordPress platform is incredibly powerful and offers unique advantages in contrast to traditional web development. All services and products are designed with a focus on web standards, SEO, and of course, style.

Power Marketing International has developed a streamlined and comprehensive process using the WordPress platform. We offer our expertise at an incredibly competitive rate.

If you’d like to discuss your website project over the phone, call us at 1-(888) Web-SEO1 (932-7361). We look forward to hearing from you!

wordpress websites

Worried about the limitations of web development platforms in general?

Unlike many other platforms, WordPress offers near-complete customization on all aspect of your website.

We create fully customizable websites that work for our clients in gaining market share and presence in the online marketplace. WordPress offers a fully customizable platform on which to build your website. Most small and medium businesses could benefit significantly from the vast amount of options available through WordPress.


wordpress websites

WordPress makes it easy to keep track of and integrate SEO strategy and solutions to your website.

Every Website we build is done with an eye toward beauty but also functionality. Our sites backends and frontends are designed to work well with SEO and get your business ranked higher in search results.


wordpress websites

We offer genuinely top-tier services at a very competitive rate. We do our best to over-deliver on results at a fair and honest price. We can do this because of the high quality of our expertise and small team size.

Cost is the most significant factor for most people when it comes to entering the digital space. We do our best to educate and break down those costs while also demonstrating results for your business.

We offer a number of packages and price ranges depending on the scope of your project, working hard to figure out what is best for you and your budget.


wordpress websites

Are you concerned about making changes to your website after the initial rollout?

Do you want to have the ability to control and modify parts of your website?

With WordPress, it is possible for us to offer our clients a turnkey service. You won’t need to worry about any of the tech parts of website maintenance. We can set you up with a maintenance plan that works for you whether you want us to teach you how to make changes or leave it entirely in the hands of others, we can help you develop the right approach.


wordpress websites

WordPress website can be built from scratch or tuned from existing themes and templates.

The designers at PMI are genuinely passionate about design and matching your business to a specific look and feel.

We can offer you a variety of themes to choose from or work closely with you in developing all the aspects of design you see fit.


WordPress Websites

FAQ - Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Why use WordPress over other drag and drop platforms?

WordPress offers the same customization as a drag and drop platform as well as a near limitless integration of other plugins and options not available on those other systems. In addition to this, WordPress is typically faster, more professional, and more under your control.

Is WordPress fast enough?

Absolutely, businesses, websites, and e-commerce companies live and die by speed on the internet, and WordPress is an excellent platform to host high speed and high-volume websites.

Why use PMI?

Simply put, experience. Power Marketing International has been working on the WordPress platform for many years, and we have the knowledge and tools ready to work for you and accomplish your online mission.

Will my website work well on mobile?

Yes, all of our websites are mobile and tablet responsive.

Can my website be transferred to WordPress?

Domains and websites can be re-created and transferred with ease to the WordPress platform. Many of our clients have asked for this, and we have experience providing it.

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