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Website Care PlansThe world of online business solutions changes and morphs at a faster and faster rate every year. Almost every sector of our technology-driven world changes and evolves to better suit our needs. These changing conditions offer endless opportunity to compete and succeed in the online space of marketing and business management. These changing conditions also mean that your current online presence needs to be properly maintained and watched over on a regular basis to ensure the very best results for your bottom line.

Power Marketing International is a company that specializes in follow-through with their clients by building relationships based on production and results. Business relies on updates, monitoring, and maintenance long after their websites and other online presences have been created and cemented into place.

PMI offers a wide array of available options with tiered service levels to fit almost any size business or specialty. We provide services at the economy, starter, basic, premium, and elite levels. Our comprehensive approach to maintenance can help give you peace of mind when it comes to the ongoing health of your online presence.

If you’d like to discuss ongoing care of your website over the phone, call us at 1-(888) Web-SEO1 (932-7361). We look forward to hearing from you!

website care plans

Most of the largest and most successful platforms used for creating websites all undergo changes to their fundamental and underlying structures. This is often done via fundamental updates in an effort to increase and bolster the effects of everyone who uses that platform’s websites. WordPress regularly updates its platform for security and performance. Power Marketing International has years of experience dealing with and working through these updates with all of their clients. This is a key service for a website so that it has the latest features and security. It includes combing through your entire website and making sure that these critical updates don’t break anything on your site.

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website care plans

It is likely that your website utilizes some form of plugins or themes and just as the core of WordPress changes, so do these additional features on your website. It is just as important to keep these tools and features updated and tested periodically. Many plugins and themes change and morph more quickly than the WordPress platform. PMI will know exactly how to handle all of these constant changes ensuring the best results from your website on a month to month basis.

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website care plans

As more of our lives are being logged and represented, online security has become of paramount importance for most consumers around the world. Protecting data, transactions, and clients are critical in leading the way for success in your market. Power Marketing International can help you maintain full force security on all of your online data, whether it’s on a regular or as needed basis. PMI has expertise in dealing with all sorts of scams, malware, and unwanted intrusions.

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website care plans

Website Edits

One of the most common things our clients need is the ability to change and edit aspects of their website over time as aspects of their business change as well. Whether its seasonal sales to post, information changes, or news to post, PMI understands that building a website means keeping things fresh and relevant for you and your customers into the future. Our staff can handle edits and website support on almost any level, whether it is an emergency change you need or simple banner changes. Our flexibility and ability to adapt is crucial in producing the very best of online business solutions.

Real-Time Backups

Backups have always been the smart approach to ensuring complete protection of the online work you have commissioned. PMI offers Automated real-time backups of all information pertaining to your business and customers. This information is secured off-site with unlimited storage and archiving capabilities. We also offer manual backup services on-demand as well.

Broken Links

Search engines use link cataloging as a major point of data when determining your search engine ranking. Because of this, it is very important to keep up with any broken links that might be hiding on your website. As changes and updates take place, links and pages are often forgotten. Scanning and repairing these broken links will help keep search engines engaged and your ranking high.

Database Maintenance

Databases can only function as well as they may or may not be maintained. Over time important databases can become cluttered, disordered, significantly affecting speed. Regular maintenance of databases will help keep that disorder under control while maintaining effective and noticeable speeds. Our team of experts can handle all of your database concerns with meticulous attention to detail.

Traffic Reporting

Proper reporting and transparency is another very popular piece of the puzzle for our clients. We take the extra time needed to analyze and report on all relevant and informative metrics as it pertains to your entire online presence. We can give you accurate and complete reports detailing your complete exposure online. This includes all standard and non-standard metrics with demographic and location-based services.

Monthly Maintenance Reporting

In addition to reporting on the customer traffic of your website, PMI also offers comprehensive reports on the work we do for you. This is also part of our effort towards total transparency for what services you are buying. We will generate full reports and invoices for all ongoing maintenance so that you know exactly what is going on with your website’s backend, on a month to month basis.

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website care plans

With Power Marketing International, you have the control and peace of mind you need when it comes to any aspect of your website and online presence. You can choose to cancel any or all aspects of ongoing maintenance at any time, and we will work diligently with you to make sure any changes and needs you might have are met.

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FAQ - Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Do I need to buy some level of maintenance support for my website?

With Technology changing on an exponential basis, it is inadvisable to not have a website maintenance plan in place. We don’t require it with any service but cannot guarantee after our services are complete that your website will stay in top working order and function correctly later down the road. Because our websites are custom designed, it is much more than just clicking an update button to keep your site current. It is also important to have top-level security and backup of your files on a continuous basis. The bottom line is we strongly recommend choosing a plan that is just right for your business’s needs.

Will I have access to on-call type services if something goes wrong?

We do offer and provide as much support as we can for all of our clients. Communication and response time is critical, and PMI prides itself on low turnaround time for fixing all sorts of unexpected problems. We work very hard to guarantee the best results possible, and that includes staying on top of issues that occur for any business in a timely manner.

What if I need quarterly or half-year services instead of traditional monthly services?

Power Marketing International is committed to flexibility in all forms for all clients. Whether it has to do with pricing, scheduling, or any other aspect of our services, PMI will do its very best in accommodating the individual needs of each client.

Who will have access to my website, and how secure is it?

We use the latest and most up to date security software backed by some of the most trusted and popular systems available. Access to your website is fully under your control and at your discretion. Our team of professionals will do whatever necessary to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to securing your data and company image.

Can you handle major updates in addition to regular maintenance?

Yes, and sometimes this might fall out of the area of our maintenance service; however; we can handle just about any change or update you want to make to any part of your website. This includes complete design changes and art directions as well.

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