The advent of social media has brought a treasure trove of potential benefits, customers, and leads to the forefront of most online markets.

Social Media Marketing

Capturing the power of social media and using it to your business’s advantage can have a significant impact on sales and customer acquisition.

Hiring our experienced team will expedite results for your business. Reaching people instantly is the goal. This means that your company can generate more followers, more engagement, and more traffic. The more ad dollars you spend on social media, the better you are able to reach those potential leads. Reaching more people means more market awareness, more effective campaigns, and most importantly, higher market share.

Successful Social Media Marketing is about much more than just posting or maintaining a profile. Optimization and advertising campaigns are a delicate thing to manage, and what works for one business might not work for another.

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social media marketing

Result-Driven Social Media Marketing Services

Our social media marketing services are designed to generate immediate and provable results on various social media platforms from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and more. We will work to leverage you the most cost-efficient and targeted advertising available on the market. We proactively plan detailed and precise strategies and actively adapt to capture more customer base. Social media marketing and advertising are similar to PPC (pay-per-click) advertising in that you are paying for direct results with most campaigns. Customer conversion rates and engagement are closely monitored for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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social media marketing

Allocating dollars wisely to maximize returns

Social media marketing is a modern and incredible tool to utilize in capturing a large market share in your industry. On average, advertising on social media costs four times less than traditional marketing services and can instantly reach thousands of highly targeted and focused groups of potential leads. Costs are transparent and fair. On average, advertising dollars tend to surprise our clients in their effect and profitability.

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social media marketing

Reach a specific demographic:

The most significant advantage social media marketing has, over other forms of advertising, is the ability to target very specific individuals.

The variety of attributes you can target to advertise to is incredible. SMM allows you to run laser targeted ads based on interests, online behavior, age, income, likeliness to buy, location, and so much more.

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social media marketing

Are you worried about managing a bunch of different accounts and making sure your online reputation is in good standing?

Being able to seamlessly roll out marketing on multiple platforms in the social media universe is a massive competitive advantage.

For many businesses, tackling social media marketing, in general, can be time-consuming and out of reach logistically. At PMI, our experienced managers know the major platforms backward and forwards and will work hard to increase your business’s reputation and reduce the load on you.

Facebook Services

Facebook is the most popular social media platform with expert advertising tools that can be used to reach almost any desired audience. A significant engine for driving traffic to your website, Facebook can produce results and provide a strong ROI for your business.

Instagram Services

Instagram is the most-visually engaging social media platform that is specialized to focus on sparking interest in products and services.

YouTube Services

YouTube is the top video production platform with one of the highest customer engagement rates on the market.

LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn is the professional’s platform for reaching decision-makers. It was designed for companies seeking more traffic and awareness in their field.

And Many More

There are many more to choose from depending on the needs of your business.

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social media marketing

Get the right manager for your account; we take the time to personally understand you, your business, and your brand. We will:

  • Develop an effective advertising strategy, doing the right research to find the right target market.
  • Create and implement engaging advertisements that fit your brand, either custom designed or using your ideas.
  • Optimize and monitor ads
  • Report and communicate

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FAQ - Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Do I have to provide content for my ads?

No, we can develop content for ads for you, or we can use your ideas as well. We can take full control of the process and produce results for your business, and content creation is key to that success.

Who will be working on my account and monitoring it?

You can either hire us over an extended time to handle your account or continued work can be handled inside your company. In either case, we adapt and produce results.

How long does it take to get started?

Not long at all, within a matter of days, we can have you on the right path to proper social media marketing.

How much traffic should I expect?

This depends on your target market and area of business. In general, it is estimated that social media marketing can convert into sales at a higher rate than other forms of traditional advertising.

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