Top 10 graphic design trends of 2022

Top 10 graphic design trends of 2022

With the growing number of design-based apps, websites, and print publications on the market today, designers need to stay one step ahead to produce original and practical designs. That’s where trends come in handy. In other words, these are design patterns that tend to appear across different types of designs from one specific source.

These recurring design trends can be used by designers as a launching point for their own creative ideas or as a way to add variety to designs that might feel a little stale. But how can you tell if a design trend will take off? The answer lies in using these trends strategically and with discretion. After all, just because a trend appears doesn’t mean it should be used everywhere. Here are the Top 10 Graphic Design Trends of 2022 (and how you can use them).

1. Colorful Textures

One of the most popular graphic design trends is the use of colorful textures. The popularity of these textures can be attributed to a few factors, including the demand for fresh and modern designs. These designs are often seen as intriguing and appealing to audiences, which is why this trend has been so popular in 2022.

Graphic designers should use these textures to produce visually stimulating projects. These textures can also be used by designers who have an online presence or print publication, as in this case, they will be seen by thousands of people.

2. Block colors and marks

One of the most popular trends in 2022 is block colors in a design. This trend is characterized by a bold use of various shades of the same color paired with black. Typically, these designs incorporate only one or two colors, but some variations include three or more colors and even gradients. Blocks can be used to create moods such as mellow, calm, and serenity.

Block colors have been used in many different types of designs, including clothing and interior design. Using this trend, you can add a subtle touch by adding black marks around certain parts of your design. These include simple shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and lines to more intricate patterns like waves or waves.

3. Typography as art

Typography is becoming a more and more popular art form, and this can be seen in the growing number of typography books, design school curriculums, and even museum exhibitions. However, there are many types of typography that designers should avoid if they want to keep their designs unique.

The most important thing for designers to remember about typography is to always use it with purpose. This might mean using the most popular fonts in a unique way or creating your own typeface from scratch. It might also mean using text sparingly on your website or app to avoid cluttering visuals with unnecessary words.

4. Sketchy Shapes

The most used design trend on social media is the sketchy shape. This overall trend has been popularized by websites like Instagram and Snapchat, which are known for their artistic content that features a hand-drawn aesthetic.

Although this trend is popular, it doesn’t mean you should use it everywhere. For example, if you only have text on your design and there is no other visual element, the sketched shape might not be the best fit. Sketchy shapes work better when integrated into an existing design or as a secondary element to a traditional design. Some designers like to use them as decorative elements or to help illustrate a certain idea.

5. Flat colors with gradients

Flat colors with gradients are a trend that’s on the rise for 2022. In times like these, it’s important to use these trends strategically. Just because you can use a design trend doesn’t mean you should do so. Flat colors with gradients are not as appealing to look at in long-form print or on a large format monitor. Instead, they should be used appropriately by designing around them and incorporating subtle textures and depth in your work, making your designs feel more three-dimensional than just flat and simple.

6. 3D effects and shadows

Shadows and 3D effects are becoming more popular in design trends, so you can’t go wrong with these trendy design elements. Shadows provide depth in flat designs, while 3D effects bring a sense of texture to a previously two-dimensional design. As a result, designers can use these elements for both subtle and bold effects.

7. Penwork and hand-drawn elements

Hand-drawn elements will be a big design trend in 2022, including, but not limited to, letters, shapes, and patterns. Pen work with ink or other liquid media can also be utilized for this trend.

A great way to incorporate this trend into your designs is by adding hand-drawn elements such as dividers, boxes, or headings to various designs. In the case of text-based designs, you can even use hand-drawn text to introduce or add emphasis to a certain point in your design.

You can also take this idea one step further and create hand-drawn items from scratch using different types of graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Hand-drawn elements are also a great way to give your designs personality by adding an original touch that doesn’t come naturally with the typical image editing software.


We’re all about trends in 2022, and we’ve got the perfect list for you. This list is perfect for those who want to take your design game up a notch or for those who want to learn about the next significant trends.

  • Colorful Textures
  • Block colors and marks
  • Typography as art
  • Sketchy shapes
  • Flat colors with gradients
  • 3D effects and shadows
  • Penwork and hand-drawn elements

Here at Power Marketing International, we’re always on the hunt for the next big trends. We have scoured the web to find the top 10 graphic design trends of 2022 and what they mean for your business. Be sure to read part two of this blog post to learn how to use graphic design and the benefits of graphic design for your online business presence.

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